How to get the site to be in English, Or any other site

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    • How to get the site to be in English, Or any other site

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      This is how i get the site into English, This is how I do it, Works for forum posts too, A bit buggy tho,

      I can say this works on google chrome

      First in the top right corner you will see this symbol (The site needs to have a lot of German to work or another language you can not read, Does not work on threads where the majority is in English like here.
      (unless you do not speak English)

      Then when you click it this appear, in your set browser language, I'm using English for example

      It will ask if you want the site translated,
      Click translate

      then this might show shows up

      It says on the top, Site language : German
      And under that, Target language : English
      The check mark is for always translate German to English
      Click done and now the site will be in English,
      I recommend English cause it will be more accurate than your native language if it's not English or German

      Please let me know if this helped, it's a quick fix until someone ''hint'' ''hint'' Makes a English version

      Bug fixes
      , If it stops translating then copy the URL and paste it into a new page

      When using this it break some threads like this

      Into this

      Edit 2# Had to redo the whole thing bugg deleted 70% of post.
      Edit#4 Made all the pics into English

      Yes i made this 2am
      "Beware that, When fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster ... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes into you." ''If your fight against monsters causes you to take monstrous measures are you any better than the evil you are fighting?'' PLEASE GIVE COINS

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